How to defeat viruses?

How can it help you?

When we are strong, full of energy, resting and having healthy nutrition — our immune system protects us from diseases, resists periodic (often very serious) attacks by harmful microorganisms aiming to grow in our body and do harm from inside.
However, during difficult times when we are under stress and our immune system is unable to stand the continuous attack of microorganisms causing diseases, we get ill.
Germicide devices radically minimize amount of microorganisms around us. If surfaces may be treated with disinfecting chemical agents, air cannot be cleaned using a cloth. However, it may be effectively cleaned from disease carriers by use of germicide device! Further information in the section «How it works»

Why a «quartz lamp»?

Why germicide lamps are called «quartz lamps»? Is there any difference between them? Which are «better», which are «worse»? There are so many similar questions.
Briefly: all modern germicide lamps may be called also «quartz lamps», as quartz (silica) is the element forming it. We will not consider specific glass — for example, phosphate glass, used in laser thermonuclear synthesis etc.
However, from various types of quartz glass, plenty of various lamps are created, for example, ultraviolet therapeutic lamps (lamps for psoriasis, „sun”, and other dermatologic therapy lamps). Industrial lamps for hardening polymer adhesives are also produced from quartz glass. Quartz glass is used also in therapeutic infrared radiation lamps, and even in household infrared heaters due to better physical properties of quartz glass compared to the standard glass.
More answers available in the section «How it works»

Why us?

Our mission: to make protection from dangerous pathogenic microorganisms accessible and understandable to everyone; To defeat them before they get into our body!
Our desire: that everyone can cope with hordes of viruses and bacteria, attacking our bodies.
Our motto: to defeat the invisible enemy!

Willingness to help people is natural and generous. To help those who look for solutions, want to protect themselves and their relatives from infections and risk of disease.
When our wish transformed into idea — it became our mission — we established the enterprise AIRMED offering various solutions for protecting people from pathogen microorganisms both at home and in public places. Our main business is devices battling viruses and other microorganisms in air, dust and on various surfaces around us.
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