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In this section, we have collected answers to the most frequently asked questions about the use of germicidal UV-lamps.


How long can irradiators - recirculators work?

In the presence of people recirculator can operate continuously for the entire time needed to disinfect indoor air.

Is ozone released when using ultraviolet lamps?

Previously, all the ultraviolet lamps that were used to disinfect the premises, led to the formation of ozone in the air. In this case, the treatment was carried out strictly in the absence of people and after it was required to ventilate the room for 45 minutes. In modern ultraviolet lamps, this effect is absent. To produce them, special glass is used, which has a high transmittance of bactericidal ultraviolet rays, and simultaneously absorbs radiation below 200 nm, which forms ozone from the air. Only in the first 100 hours of lamp operation, is recorded extremely small, in the MPC (maximum allowable concentration) norms, the formation of ozone, which subsequently disappears altogether.

Where should recirculator be located in the room?

Recirculators are placed indoors in such a way that the intake and ejection of air are unimpeded and coincide with the directions of the main convection currents. Avoid installing recirculators in the corners of the room, where stagnant zones can form.

The service life of ultraviolet lamps used in irradiators

The service life of ultraviolet lamps used in irradiators is 8000 hours, some longer (18000 hours).

What means can I sanitize the body of recirculators?

The exterior surfaces of the recirculator are resistant to treatment by means of wiping with all disinfectants for surface treatment, with the exception of abrasive particles.

Germicidal UVC lamps for disinfection

Today, there is an increasing emphasis on environmental safety and sustainable solutions that improve the quality of life in public places, premises or the workplace. Covering all the alternatives, one thing is clear: disinfection devices are different, as are the technologies used to make them and the safety they provide. What is a quartz or UV lamp and why are germicidal lamps essential to guarantee a safe environment? Find out in the product guide prepared by specialists!

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What is a quartz lamp?

It is a UV lamp that emits ultraviolet radiation. Ultraviolet or UV radiation is divided into three types according to wavelengths:
  1. UVC between 100 and 280 nm;
  2. UVB between 290 and 320 nm;
  3. UVA between 320 nm and 400 nm in length.

UV light with a wavelength of less than 280 nm (UV-C radiation - 100-280 nm) is endowed with germicidal properties, which is why quartz lamps are also called germicidal lamps. This means that the radiation causes elimination of the bacteria, thus helping to create a cleaner environment around people on a daily basis.

The difference between UV and UVC

A UV lamp is a whole set of lamps and equipment that emits UV radiation: solarium lamps, UV forensic and banknote inspection lamps, dermatology lamps, polymer curing and disinfection lamps.
We,, have a specific part of UV lamps - UVC lamps.
UVC lamps, also called germicidal (bactericidal) or quartz lamps, have a wavelength in the exact range in which the radiation affects the microorganisms the most. It is this UVC lamp, given the length of the ultraviolet rays, helps to destroy the DNA structure of viruses, bacteria and other pathogens, stopping their spread.

What is a quartz or ultraviolet lamp useful for?

Ultraviolet light is commonly used to kill microbes on surfaces, in air and in water. This is essential in everyday life, thinking about how to disinfect the premises, providing a pleasant environment for people. If sharp chemical disinfectants do not seem suitable for the house - it's time to test how effective a quartz lamp is for disinfecting rooms.

Disinfection, cleaning the room of bacteria, is important not only at home, but also in various industries. Where can quartz lamps be used?

# 1 In kindergartens and schools

Given that a large number of young people meet in schools and kindergartens, it is necessary to regularly maintain a clean environment. Disinfection of premises with UV radiation is performed because air disinfection with UV light causes damage to the DNA structure of microorganisms, thus stopping the spread of colds or flu viruses in the future. Bacteria cannot develop resistance to UV light, so an antibacterial (germicidal) lamp is a long-term solution that allows to guarantee that microbiological air pollution in rooms - classrooms, toilets, corridors, wardrobes, other places is prevented.

# 2 In food production

Disinfectants are used in food production in limited quantities due to their chemicals, thus ensuring consumer safety. In the food industry, ultraviolet lamps are used relatively often because irradiation of this type of product is safe, requires low maintenance and does not require the use of any chemicals. The ultraviolet lamp can effectively kill viruses such as Salmonella, as well as many other microbes, which also cause food spoilage, allowing the consumer to receive fresh products.

# 3 In public places

In public places, it is important to disinfect the air, which UV lighting can do in several ways. The convection of the UV lamp air, using the equipment provided for it, continuously cleans the circulating air. Such lamps (germicidal recirculators) are harmless to humans due to their construction. With the help of fans, the air enters through the slots inside the device, where it is disinfected under the influence of ultraviolet light, and then cleaned and discharged back into the room. Such air recirculators may be used in the presence of humans at all times.

# 4 In the swimming pools

Disinfection of swimming pools is especially important because it allows to ensure a clean environment in a room that is visited by a relatively large number of people on a daily basis. The advantages of UV lamp water disinfection method are simple - ultraviolet light is used instead of chlorine, allowing you to enjoy a pleasant swimming experience in large swimming pools without the smell of chlorine and their by-products in the water, as well as making pools safe and clean.

 # 5 In doctors' offices

Disinfectants are vital in medicine. They prevent the spread of bacteria and their transfer from one surface to another, thus protecting doctors and visitors. Virus protection has become particularly important, creating an additional need for a germicidal lamp in the doctor's office.

# 6 In beauty salons

Quartz lamps have become an integral part of beauty salons to disinfect surfaces and accessories. They are easy to use and effective, freeing both beauty tools and tables, chairs and other surfaces from germs and viruses.

# 7 In agriculture

Even if you have to work with animals on a daily basis, the question arises - what are the most effective disinfectants for farms? One of the possibilities is an ultraviolet lamp, which protects against the accumulation of bacteria and negative effects on both the environment and animals.

# 8 In the drinking water industry

UV lamps are used to disinfect drinking water. In addition to the use of drinking water treatment plants, the UV rays generated by the lamp at 254 nm break down DNA in pathogenic microorganisms, so they cannot multiply in water. This means that the light from an ultraviolet lamp prevents bacteria from spreading through drinking water in the form of disease.
The cost of a drinking water disinfection device is relatively high, but the benefits of investing in such a device are invaluable - it protects every water user, ensuring that unwanted bacteria will not enter the body.

Safe germicidal lamps from!

UV-C germicidal lamps destroy pathogenic microbes and viruses at home or in the workplace, which is especially important when thinking about a safe environment for yourself and your family and your subordinates. In the offer of you will find a wide range of UV-C quartz lamps - air recirculators, irradiators, bulbs and various equipment for water purification are available.

Why buy from us?

The activities of our company are united by several core values ​​that allow us to offer high quality products for a safer daily life for everyone. By cooperating with, you will get:
  • professional attitude. Our team leaders are made up of knowledgeable professionals who apply knowledge in practice, offering safe, tested and certified solutions for both individuals and companies;
  • safety. The company was founded with one goal in mind - to provide a safe environment for families and businesses. Our solutions keep you safe anywhere without worrying about germs around us;
  • modern solutions. With the rapid development of technology, we have made it very important to offer the latest solutions to our customers. Only in this way, taking into account the specifics of the industry as a whole, it is possible to provide the consumer with a high-quality final product.

Full range of services - including warranty and service

To ensure complete customer service, we provide a two-year warranty for germicidal devices (3 years for NEXA products) from the date of purchase for both individuals and legal entities. The warranty covers defects in the manufacturing process.
We also offer customers maintenance and repair of UV devices after the warranty expires. We provide quality and fast service - repairs, lamp replacement, etc. preventive work.

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To help you quickly find the UV lamp or system you are looking for, we've created an easy-to-use filter. It requires:
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  2. select products by type of processing. This can be, for example, surface or water disinfection, industrial solutions, etc.

Purchase process

Shopping on the website is easy! You need:
  1. select the desired products according to the above filters and choose the one you prefer;
  2. When opening the description of a specific product, press "order";
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  6. receive the order. This process has two alternatives - receiving the goods on site at our office, which is free, and courier delivery - a paid service, the price of which depends on the volume of the order / place, etc.
Check out the offer and order germicidal lamps from us today! For all questions, please contact our specialists by phone +371 22 44 20 22! is your assistant in the fight against invisible pests - germs and bacteria!


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