Germicidal UVC device (or open type quartz lamp, or ultraviolet disinfector - see irradiator) reduces the concentration in the air and on the surfaces of almost all known microorganisms, such as viruses, bacteria, yeast spores, fungal spores and molds and so on. Can`t be used in the presence of people (see Security measures). The kit includes UVC bulb, mobile stand (height 1.50 m) for convenient movement of the device, 4-meter wire, movement sensor.

Main characteristics

Manufacturer country
UV-C tube total power
55 W
Recommended room cubage
50 m3
Recommended area of the room (for ceilings 2.5 m)
20 m2
Lifetime of UV-C tubes
18000 hours
3 years
Motion sensors
Dimensions (dome)
1495/59/59 mm
Weight of the device
7 kg

Price 629 EUR including VAT 21%
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Warranty and service

3 years warranty from the date of purchase for all manufacturing defects.


Payment can be made by bank transfer, credit card or cash.
It is possible to deliver goods within Latvia or EU countries, more details are under this link.

Price 629 EUR
including VAT 21%
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Safety measures when working with direct exposure germicidal lamps

Please remember that ultraviolet radiation of germicidal lamps in large quantities is detrimental to all living objects, therefore it is necessary to understand the precautions described below. This is particularly true for direct irradiation lamps.

Germicidal direct exposure devices (or "open type" irradiators)

When the germicidal irradiator of an open type is turned on, it is recommended to use special glasses (available on our website HERE) to protect eyes from ultraviolet radiation. During the irradiator operation, people and animals need to leave the treated area. Also it is necessary to cover room plants with a cloth or to take them out from a premise.

It is absolutely forbidden to look at a working irradiator of an open type (without protective glasses), and try to tan under it as well.

This can lead to burns to the skin and mucous membranes of the eyes. In all our devices, only Ozone Free germicidal lamps of leading European manufacturers OSRAM and PHILIPS are used. The first hours of operation of the lamp (up to 100 hours) may be the allocation of small doses of ozone, but this amount is not dangerous for humans, all lamps have European conformity certificates. After the operation of such lamps, it is possible not to ventilate the room.

Closed-circuit devices or germicidal air recirculators

Ultraviolet lamps are located inside the housing, through which air is vented and disinfected with the help of fans. When using these devices, you must remember that it is forbidden to turn them on when the protective panels are removed.

Industrial systems and water treatment systems

To each system, in addition to the above, specific security measures provided by the device manufacturer will be added, which depend on the configuration of the particular system and the features of its application.

General safety measures for all ultraviolet germicidal devices

  •      Devices should be protected from bumps and falls.
  •      It is forbidden to use methods not recommended by the manufacturer for cleaning and disinfection of devices.
  •      It is forbidden to make changes in the design of devices.
  •      Devices, unless indicated separately, are not moisture resistant. They have IP20 protection class.
  •      Connect the devices to the sockets with protective earth.

Yellowing of plastics

Change in the color of plastics (fading) is due to the fact that under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, the macromolecules of plastics are destroyed under the influence of the photodestruction process. This is more true of cheap plastics.
Quality plastic is resistant to ultraviolet radiation and is able to withstand the influence of ultraviolet, keeping almost unchanged appearance, physical and mechanical and dielectric parameters. That is why high-quality plastics use antioxidants that prevent photo-oxidative degradation, which are called light stabilizers. In addition, the lightfastness depends on the composition and structure of the polymer, the total composition of the ingredients and impurities.
So: for high-quality, expensive plastics this warning is almost irrelevant, however, if it is possible, it is not advised to irradiate, including qualitative products (at least from a distance of closer than 1 meter).

About responsibility

AIRMED, as well as manufacturers of germicidal devices, does not bear any direct or indirect responsibility for the use by the customer of devices not for their intended purpose, for failure to comply with warnings and instructions, and for any consequences of possible exposure to ultraviolet radiation to materials or living organisms as a result of misuse.

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